Professor Dr. Md. Shahidur Rahman

Specialist in Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic & Liver Transplant Surgery and colorectal surgery, laparoscopic surgery

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About Professor Shahidur

Professor Shahidur Rahman Delivering speech at Jakarta digestive week conference 2017, Indonesia.

Professor Dr. Shahidur Rahman

Gastroenterology, Gastrolever and Colorectal Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Md Shahidur Rahman, world renowned surgeon in his discipline, Hepatobiliary pancreatic and liver tranplant division. He proved himseilf as an expert surgeon in his field, in home and abroad. He has participated several times in various international conferences, presented so many research paper, original articles. He has invented a new technique in pancreatic calculi management known as "Shaheed Procedure" is published by the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endo Surgeon (SAGES). This technique has superseded all the previous technique regarding pain management. Doctors from many countries around the world like Brazil, USA, Germany, Japan, Indonesia follow his procedure and until November 2017, 115 surgeries are successfully done by his invented procedure.